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Newlands Service and Asset Care

At Newlands, we understand that your brewhouse is the heart of your business. That’s why we have a dedicated brewhouse service team who can make sure your equipment is running at top efficiency. From regular brewery maintenance to emergency repair, our team will make sure you never miss a brew. Regardless of where you purchased your equipment, trust our brewing professionals to keep your gear running the way it should.

Brewery Repairs and Retrofits – With over 25 years of experience in brewing, we have seen it all. Let our team diagnose your issues and get your system running to maximum efficiency.

Parts and Fittings – We carry a wide range of brewhouse parts in stock and ready to ship. If your repair calls for something off-the-shelf, our ISO:9001 and ASME certified facilities are fully equipped to create custom stainless parts.

Troubleshooting – If you’ve run into a road block, you can call our brewery service team for troubleshooting support. We work with you to try and diagnose and support the problem over the phone.

Installation and Commissioning – Save time and headaches when you’re setting up new equipment by letting our service team take care of your brewhouse installation and support you through your first few brews to work out any kinks.

Recipe Development and Yeast Management Solutions – Our team of in house brewers is available to help you finesse your recipes and get the most out of your ingredients.

Asset Care Training – We can walk you through the basics of taking care of your brewhouse so you can handle minor repairs and simple troubleshooting in-house so you can spend more time brewing.

Automation Training or System Reprogramming – Take full advantage of everything your brewhouse automation software can do for you. When you are ready to grow, we can expand your system to suit your needs.

Brewing Training – We’ll make sure you are fully trained on the equipment and troubleshoot any questions that may come up.  Let our in house brewers work with you to make sure you're getting the most out of your system.

Water Treatment Solutions – Some mechanical failures are often the result of water quality issues. We can help you diagnose these issues so your equipment keeps running smoothly.

Quality Control Solutions – Brew consistently, every time. We can help you track how your equipment is wearing, so you can spend more time brewing.



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Protect your investment

With You From Day One

Our dedicated Newlands brewhouse service team offers support services from the day your equipment arrives. Brewery installation and commissioning lets you breathe easy knowing that your system has been set up exactly the way it should be. We can train your crew on the equipment so you can handle simple brewhouse repairs and troubleshooting. Our in house brewers can work with you to develop recipes and maximize the efficiency of your equipment.

Support Along The Way

We can help you keep your brewhouse running strong so that you never miss a brew. We keep brewery parts and fittings in stock so that when you have a repair you don’t have to wait. Our team can offer regular brewhouse maintenance, to check for any potential wear and tear and see how your water quality may be affecting your equipment. Call our toll-free number if you’ve run into a problem, and we can offer troubleshooting support over the phone.

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Big Rock

Helping You Grow

Just because your business is growing, it doesn’t mean your equipment has to. We can help you take the brewhouse you have to the next level by reprogramming your brewhouse automation platform to suit your needs. If you are bringing new equipment into your brewery, we can support retrofits of your system to make sure everything runs smoothly. We also carry cellar tanks in stock, and have a wide range of hop dosing and yeast management solutions ready to ship to save you time.

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