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Newlands Gets Brewing With Moody Ales

Mike Roberts of Newlands at Moody Ales
Newlands and Moody Ales Colaboration Brew

It may seem like an unusual collaboration, but Newlands Systems is teaming up with Moody Ales to launch a collaboration brew for the fall of 2018.

“Three weeks ago I sat down with Joe Dykshoorn from NSI along with Dan Helmer and Robyn Guille from Moody Ales in their brewery and had a casual talk about what we like to drink,” says Mike Roberts, in-house brewer at Newlands Systems. “That led to coming up with an idea for a recipe and a beer we’d like to brew.”

Pilot brewing began yesterday with a 100L batch on their pilot system. There was plenty of great discussion about the final product and how to get there, and after a successful lauter the colour of the wort turned out exactly as hoped.

“In the end we got 110L transferred to a fermenter and all is well,” says Roberts.

The next steps will be to taste the beer in a few weeks and see if the recipe is ready or if another round of testing is needed. The team hopes to have the main batch brewed on Moody Ales’ 20 BBL Newlands System by the end of August so that freshly harvested wet hops can be used after fermentation.

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