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Newlands Hop Egg

This innovative piece of equipment helps you get the most out of your dry hopping by functioning as a mixing and dosing vessel. The Hop Egg works by blending hops with your finished or fermenting beer allowing safe and sanitary re-introduction back into your vessels. The Newlands Hop Egg can also be utilized for other purposes around your brewery such as, yeast pitching and mixing, adjunct blending and dosing, finings and other cellar additions.
The Hop Egg is available in 3 sizes, 4HL, 8HL and 11HLThe NSI Hop Egg is made from 304 stainless steel with the following features:

    • Inert gas flushable to minimize oxygen pickup
    • Variable speed agitator to give thorough mixing
    • CIP line and 360 sprayball for efficient cleaning and sanitation
    • Three sizes: 4 hl, 8 hl and 12 hl to match fermenter volume
    • Multiple modes of operation depending on dry hopping technique
    • Suitable for stabilizer or other additions to brewery vessels
    • Viewing port and internal light
    • Optional hose and fitting kit for efficient operation

- When used correctly, you can expect that dissolved oxygen levels in the source fermenter will increase by less than 10 ppb.
- The NSI Hop Egg may be used for many other additions to be made to your fermenter such as stabilizers, fruit syrups and slurries.
- Capacity: The Hop Egg can be used to dry hop a fermenter at an addition rate of up to 11kg pelletized hops/hl of Hop Egg volume.

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