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Standard in every brewery we build,
from brewpub to production brewery.

A Pioneer in the Craft Brewing Industry

Since 1990, Newlands Systems has distinguished itself as the premiere North American brewing equipment manufacturer. From brewery design, to custom fabrication, to onsite installation and training; Newlands will be there with you step-by-step, throughout the entire process. Newlands’ manufacturing facilities are ASME certified and utilizes ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, along with proven project management systems, to ensure that every brewery is flawless.


Showcase Brewpub: 20 Barrel, 4 vessel

Big Rock selects Newlands to deliver a turn-key brewery in Vancouver.
Make Brewer

Built for Brewers, By Brewers

We come to bat with a team of in house brewers. They understand how a system should perform and the most intuitive controls for a brewer to get the most out of their Newlands Systems.

From the moment you step on to the platform of a Newlands System, you’ll be able to tell it’s true: these systems are built for brewers, by brewers. Everything is right where you need it – and it works.

Precision Engineering, Quality Craftsmanship

All of our systems are crafted to the same high standards. Our process is ISO 9001 certified and our facility is ASME certified. This means each vessel that leaves our factory meets or exceeds world-class standards for pressure vessels.

When you buy a Newlands System you’re getting only the best materials and components made of 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Precision Engineering, Quality Craftsmanship
Protect your investment

Protect your investment with Newlands Asset Care

When you select a Newlands Asset Care package, you’re going a step beyond: preventative maintenance planning, pre-assembled maintenance kits delivered automatically, and on-call remote and on-site support. Minimize downtime and get back online quicker if anything goes wrong.

Newlands technicians know your system better than anyone. Now we can help you track how your equipment is wearing, and make sure you’ve got immediate parts support so you can optimize brewing time.

Learn more about Asset Care

Production Craft: 50 hectolitre, 4 vessel

Steamworks selected Newlands to develop their production-scale brewery.

Automation that brings your brewhouse to life

We build systems that span the full range, from completely manual to full computer control. When a project calls for recipe-based control, we use controllers from one of the world’s largest and most respected automation specialists: Rockwell Automation.

The advantages of automation are clear: improved consistency leading to better quality, reduced workload and increased production yield.


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Here’s what our customers are saying

We are a fast growing business and our partnership with Newlands has enabled that growth to continue.

Josh Deth

Head Brewer, Revolution Brewing

You can tell this system was designed with experience. Everything is right where you need it and it works.

Jody Hammell

Head of West Coast Brewing, Big Rock Brewery

It may sound a little trite, but when it comes to brewing expertise, installation and after sales support, Newlands is definitely “the Dream Team”.

Eli Gershkovitch

Principal, Steamworks Brewing Company

Our new brewhouse is as smoothly functional as it is beautiful. The Newlands team are all “can-do” people; they are highly flexible, and they think like brewers, which is critically important. The word “can’t” seems to be missing from their vocabulary. Our post-installation support has been excellent, and we’ve been running nicely since day one. We’ll be looking to work with them further as we expand.

Garratt Oliver

Brewmaster, Brooklyn Brewery

Our brewery has at its disposal, a staff of brewing engineers, a high tech fabrication facility, internationally trained brewing consultants... Newlands designed, built and installed our brewery. They supplied us with top-of-the-line equipment, a helpful and knowledgeable staff and excellent follow-up service.

Tom Hail + John Legnard

Brewers, The Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field

Craftsmanship is what our customers look for in our product and it's the same reason we chose Newlands to design, engineer, and build our distillery.

Patrick Evans

Shelter Point Distillery

Newlands' install and service teams are essential to the installation of their brewing equipment. They continually worked with our brewing and maintenance teams to fine tune our system to the highest standards leading to the completion a highly successful project.

Eric Leypoldt

Head Brewer, Wicked Weeds

There are a lot of areas you can cut costs running a brewery, but your brewhouse shouldn't be one of those. You get more than what you pay for with Newlands.

Mike Hess

Chief Brewing Officer, Mike Hess Brewing

There will always be something that breaks, having access to the Newlands after service teams makes for a pleasant experience.

Derek Osborne

Head Brewer, Pedal Haus Brewing

Our Newlands brew house is a perfect blend of automation and hands on brewing. A true workhorse!

Michael Harris

Head Brewer, Oskar Blues

The team at NEWLANDS are strong at building that customer relationship. You know they will be there for the long run.

Caton Orrell

Four Corners Brewing Co.

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