• Brew Hub

    An entirely new business model in the craft beer industry: Brew Hub chose Newlands to build a turn-key production brewery that’s flexible enough to brew any brand recipe on contract.

Project Scope

When your craft brand is taking off and you’ve maximized your capacity, Brew Hub will brew for you on a network of production scale breweries across America. The team at Brew Hub selected Newlands to design, build and start-up the first of this network in Lakeland, Florida. The system is designed for full flexibility and efficiency. It has full recipe automation all the way through to the cellar, allowing a small team of two or three to run several brews a day. A Newlands pilot brewery allows Brew Hub customers to develop and test their recipes before scaling to the full size system.


100 Barrel

5 Vessel

Full recipe automation

Cellar Equipment

Single, Double and Triple Batch Bright Tanks

Single, Double and Triple Batch Fermenters

HMI Control